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Frequently Asked Questions

How many tiles do I need?

Tile Size:
Tiles per
Square Foot:
2" X 2" 36
3" X 3" 16
4" X 4"   9
6" X 6"   4

Tile Size:
Tiles per
Linear Foot:
2" X 2"   6
3" X 3"   4
4" X 4"   3
6" X 6"   2

Where can I install Talavera tile?

Talavera tile can be used on kitchen or bathroom countertops, walls, fireplaces, benches (bancos), as floor accents, back-splashes, and steps. For high traffic locations, such as flooring or surfaces that come into contact with water such as pools, fountains, showers, bathtubs, we recommend our HIGH FIRED TALAVERA line. Please see our HIGH FIRE TALAVERA selection for floors, patios, pools showers and other high sits locations.

Some great ways to use Talavera is on tabletops, as coasters (apply felt on back), small or large murals for a splash of color over your toilet, in gardens or anywhere. You can use broken leftover tiles on pots, framed for a unique piece of art or bedside table tops. Your own imagination is your limits to Talavera traditional or High Fire tiles! You can see some examples by visiting our Showroom!

Can I install Talavera in my Shower?

We do not recommend using traditional Talavera tile in areas that come into contact with a lot of water. We can suggest using a selection from out HIGH FIRE TALAVERA tile line.

Why are the tiles I received different sizes, shapes or colors?

Due to the hand making process of Talavera tile, each piece is unique and may vary in shape, color saturation, size and may also have “bubbles” within the glaze. Relax! These characteristics are completely normal and also vary desirable. These “blemishes” are what makes these tiles so lovely.

I need several boxes of Talavera tile, but I only need a few boxes right now. Can I order the other boxes later?

Because Talavera tile is handmade and hand painted, the tile will vary from batch to batch. For large projects we suggest that you order your tile at one time. This eliminates the major differences, particularly with color.